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Loving Yourself

"Low self esteem is like driving through life with the handbrake on."


Such a beautiful day with a group of very lovely guests with the biggest warm hearts!

We started the day chatting and getting to know each other then gently flowed into the Crystal Room for some gentle yin yoga with Jules.

The central mandala was lavishly decorated with fruit and vegetables in the chakra colours to be worked with during the session. This room was flooded with light and the underfloor heating was a joy to lie on, the whole group fell into a peaceful state of mind almost immediately.

Following a restorative session, we gathered in the cottage for a glass of restorative bubbly, a snack and more chatter. This was followed by foraging for natural items for drawing. Whilst exploring the grounds the guests were invited to find a quiet place to sit and think or write a love letter to themselves. To write about the things you love about yourself, the things you love being which might have slipped off your radar under the pressure of daily life - to think about how to bring about the best for you.

Remember to put yourself first. By loving yourself, loving others will be easier and you will feel valued and loved.

A wonderful noisy lunch party followed. Chakras were discussed and visualised and the group settled to draw their natural findings, breaking personal learnings by using new mediums to draw with, wild colours, unformed shapes. Everyone stopped feeling judged by crushing past art tutors and LET GO! The results were outstanding and fresh, bursting with joy! The newly found self-confidence was palpable.

The afternoon held a meditative walk on the labyrinth topped off with a roaring fire and drumming circle.

RESPONSE: "Jules & Kate. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much good this day has done! I have not felt this positive for many months. Wendy xx"

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