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Art & Soul's first Retreat

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

On the 16th November, we greeted our guests to Tofte Manor for an utterly glorious day of relaxation; self-discovery; yoga practice; art and exploration.

We gave out some special goody bags which included a blank journal. We read short extracts from our journals to illustrate how to make the most of keeping a journal and its' value.

Everyone then made themselves comfortable in the Crystal Room. The room was flooded with light and the underfloor heating was welcome on this November day!

Jules led the group through a gentle, undulating Yin Yoga session. Everyone sighed gently and immersed themselves in peace and tranquility, trusting themselves to drift happily to her mesmerising voice.

Afterwards, everyone walked out in the brilliant sunshine to explore their magnificent surroundings and forage for natural objects. On their return, they laid their finds out of the table. The colours, textures and scents of autumn were evident in the finds. The journals were opened and drawings and observations were made in the books. It was wonderful to see how 'non artists' given the chance to draw without pressure made some fantastic images. Not held back by the restrictions of preconceived colours and shapes and drawing within the lines - the results were refreshing and delightful!

Following lunch, Ginny showed us all how to do hand massages which was bliss and then mandalas were coloured and arms were decorated with henna designs. Much laughter and chatter followed!

The afternoon brought another restorative and beautiful Nidra Yoga session. As the day gently faded to evening, the Crystal Room was warm, glowing with tea lights and comfortably peaceful, the only sounds were of deep breathing and Jule's soothing voice.

With the group tranquil and full of thought, we walked to the Labyrinth in the gathering dark.

Each person lit their candle from each other and stepped onto the Labyrinth with the special Labyrinth poem written by Kate, whispered into their ears by Jules.

It was a moving sight to see the meditative group walking slowly, their candles glowing and flickering as they moved. A magical way to end the day!

Throughout the day there was yummy lemon drizzle cake supplied by one of our lovely guests and other delicious delights and drinks.

Feedback has been overwhelming:

"Such a beautiful experience. The stunning location, the absorption in simple arts, the restful and rebalancing yoga, the peace of the labyrinth, the people, the henna and the giggles. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone as a day completely for yourself, to re-centre and de-stress; leaving you refreshed and ready to get back on the merry-go-round of life. " Christine
"Thank you so much for my "Perfect Day" We all really appreciated the amount of love time and effort that you both put into making it so for us, thank you again." Della

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