Who says you have to colour inside the lines?

Release your mind and body, draw from your soul for inspiration and express yourself.

Don't be afraid of the unknown, having a go can be sooo much fun!

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

Art - with Kate Davies

Kate is a designer and photographer and has worked in graphics, fine art and print for ever and loves sharing and sparking ideas and creativity in others.

Having worked in a highly pressurised industry for years, Kate has only recently discovered the value and empowerment that comes from deep relaxation and connecting your mind and body through yoga and mindfulness. She's loving the inner strength coming from calmness, to feel the seasons, to listen to the body, to give and receive warmth - making life so much more enjoyable and precious!

Why Art & Yoga?

Mixing art with yoga seems natural and obvious to Kate - bypassing the brain to free the senses, absorption and experimenting boosts confidence and frees the imagination.


You may think you have no aptitude for art, that's not what we're looking for on these Retreats. The idea is to have fun and surprise yourself. Maybe by drawing with your eyes closed, or using the opposite colour to the ones you see, by drawing with your left hand or using negative lines to make positive images.


By re-schooling your imagination and avoiding conflicting commands from the bullying brain and opening your mind, you will amaze yourself and have the confidence to explore further.

About Art

“Art is about looking. Observing the minutiae; seeing the bigger picture, the beauty, the exploration, the feeling, the sharing, being absorbed, living in the moment - freeing your soul from your nagging mind” Kate

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