Where Art & Yoga combine to create Retreats of great relaxation and beauty. 

Where anxiety is gently eased away by warmth, safety, humour, breathing and movement,

art and observation.

When you lose and find yourself all in one day!

When you lose and find yourself all in one day!

Reducing stress through kindness to yourself

Art & Soul Retreats


Making Yoga and Art accessible to everyone! 


Where Yoga isn't about pushing your body into impossible positions, it's about finding and falling back in love with your body through gentle breathing and movement.

Learning to believe in yourself again, by relaxing mind and body, finding calmness and serenity and a little bit of positive magic - without toxic stimulants!

Where Art is something you feel as well as see. Not a complicated science, but something that you can lose yourself in by using your senses and disengaging your brain. Where pre-conceptions are lost to be replaced by fun, experimentation and simply letting go!

Yoga & Art make a fantastically therapeutic combination

“Such a beautiful experience. The stunning location, the absorption in simple arts, the restful and rebalancing yoga, the peace of the labyrinth, the people, and the giggles.” Christine

Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire

t: 0794 0827480  e: kate@kdgd.co.uk


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